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Eclairer special set (whitening anti-wrinkle cosmetics)

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  • Size28 * 18 * 6 cm

[Uniquemedicare co.,ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Eclairer special set (whitening anti-wrinkle cosmetics)


  • ALA+PEP was develped on the basis ofmaterial whitening, anti-wrinkle for functional cosmetics.
    - Set: Toner(120ml), Serum(50ml), Emulsion(120ml), Cream(50ml), Eye Cream(30ml)
    - Whitening, anti-wrinkle, wound healing, revitalizing, moisturizing, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, hypoallergenic etc.

  • The ECLAIRER Special set, the functional cosmetics
       for skin-whitening Anti-wrinkles has three kinds of new materials,

  • Peptides containing high Functions
    - Effects that enhance your complexion brighter: Sonitin
    - Effects that give the skin elasticity: Silk essential peptide
    - Itching and dry skin improvement: Phyto-NEP
    - Prevent oxidation of the skin: Neuropeptide-1

  • Nano Some
    - Excellent penetration to the dermis of the highlypotent natural extracts various products containing the core material
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Eclairer special set _whitening _ anti_wrinkle cosmetics_

Eclairer special set _whitening _ anti_wrinkle cosmetics_